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I apologize, but due to numerous issues with items being lost in customs or extremely long shipping delays, I can no longer ship items to Brazil. I am working to find a better solution. However, for the time being, if an order is placed through my site with a shipping address in Brazil, the order will be canceled and refunded.

What are people saying about the PF1 Pedal Filter?
Here you have it, from the mouths (fingers) of your fellow racers... Some of which had all but given up on having FUN!

"I just wanted to let you know that the pedal filter works great with the G25 pedals. It not only fixed the constant spiking but my clutch pedal works again (before I had to restart the wheel several times to get it working)...
Thank you so much!!!"

- Martin in Slovakia, using the filter with his G25 pedals and Fanatec wheel
"It works Jon! pedals are working 100% with the box!" "...this is really outstanding work."

- Kevin using the filter with his CSR pedals
"I Spent more time on GT5 after work and I have a better idea of the advantages of the pedal filter

- The clutch control is smoother so I don't miss shift anymore
- Brake and Gas pedal delivery smoother input to the game. I can keep a better balance of the car even when I am very close to the limit.
- Some cars I did not like to drive I do now enjoy (Ferrari F40, AC Cobra 67, Lotus Elise and Heavy GT car). I don't have to use softer tires to compensate for the bad pedals anymore.
- The pedal control input use to be jerky randomly. So I use to lose the control on straight line and I could not figure out why, even after watching the replay.
- The brake use to engage while I was on a straight and I use to lose 3 to 4 position (very frustrating).
- The accelerator use to engage while taking a hard turn on the second gear while only pressing the brake. This was an automatic off track situation.
- I could never do some drifting as pedals control is the key to succeed. Now I can drive the AC Cobra who is tail happy and stay on the road.
- I have a better time when playing the GT academy 2012 demo

I totally feel that I have a different set of petals. I stopped playing for a while and I was about to order $200 pedals.

You can surely use my comment, I think every one who has the regular pedals should get the pedal filter even if they don't see any obvious problem. There lap time will be better."

- Frantz in Canada

"Well I have good news! The Pedal Filter arrived safe and sound today.
I plugged it in immediately and, by god, this thing works good.

My problems prior to this fix where as follows:

- Throttle was jumpy (other pedals too), but did go all the way,
- Brake engaged without me touching it,
- Brake didn't go all the way,
- The clutch, well, that thing was just all over the place.

Now, obviously, the pedal filter has fixed every single one of these issues.
I tried it on a couple of different games, ranging from very arcade to full-on sim
and in all these games I just rediscovered the fun of racing.
I could use my clutch again, after a very long time of problems with that
pedal. But the main thing is the brake. It just works as it should now.
I can completely lock up the brakes! But also hang on the edge of lock-up.

I'm just very happy with this little black box, as I was too kind of done with
racing, and I was seriously considering buying new pedals."

- Laurens in Netherlands

"I use this on iRacing ( ) and it has transformed my
car control so I am now achieving better lap times.

Before the brakes were either on or off and the accelerator would never give
100% throttle despite recalibrating on every race. Now I can brake accurately
and I get progressive throttle though all the pedal travel.

The pedals have been brillinat sice fitting the box and I reccomed this box
to anyone having calibration problems with the Fanatec pedals.

Very pleased - well worth the money and a pleasant guy to deal with"

- HXP in the United Kingdom